Keeping the mind busy.

So we are on day 3 of my long weekend.

I have not been well for the entire time but the brain although running a little slower than normal has been ticking over. I have also managed to sort a few things out at the allotment and at home. Sadly not any of the big jobs on the list.

Kind of finished my whip. Not how I intended to finish it off. But it is only a first attempt and have learned a lot and will do things differently for the next one

In case your wondering yes it does crack😁

Completing this got me thinking. I do enjoy making things. Always have. But like everything else time and money. I plan to make more paracord stuff. I have the spark of some kind of harness forming in my head that can be used for restraint.

I have made a couple of cuff restraints and those of you that follow sweetgirl will have seen her night time collar.

I would also try my hand at leather working.

All in all,I think my mind needs a problem to solve. I don’t seem to be able to just sit down and do nothing.


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